Keeping Your Life & Your Business In Good Health

Good work-life balance is a difficult thing to attain, and whether you’re trying to get your body or your business in shape, it’s going to take hard work, a good team, and a good system around you.

In short, the key to a healthy business is a healthy life.

If you’re really trying to get yourself or your business in shape, and you’re working hard and you’re stressed out about it, you can do yourself a favor just by listening. Recognize the things that are most important in both cases and listen to them. That’s step one.

Here are some of the ways I go about managing mine:

Managing Your Body

One thing I do for my body is start my day by taking my dog, Max, on a quick warm-up walk called a fasted cardio. If you fast cardio and you keep your body at a lower heart rate, your body will break down fast, fatty acid as an energy source.

Then, I usually follow cardio up with a shake. My mix includes protein for sure, and occasionally things like MCT powder (a type of efficient fat that your body uses for energy), some exogenous ketones, and a scoop of fiber.

Nutrition’s a big component that a lot of people skip. It’s huge, though. It’s absolutely huge. And it’s not just because I’m in the fitness business that I’m saying that.

"I’m in the live-longer business. The quality of life business."

Lastly, I hit the gym, where I can put some real work into my body before heading to the office to work on my business. Remember: You don’t need to be in a suit to make money.

Managing Your Business

Like managing your body, you can manage your business by making the best use of relevant data. In business, this means analyzing the customer journey. Every interaction a customer has with your product or service is a relevant data or touch point, and when you consider how many there are it’s an exercise that can be pretty insane.

If you own a restaurant, for example, it’s easy to assume that your customer touch points are simply the service and the food. But in actuality, you’re forgetting to include all the added elements around things like calling for a reservation, finding parking, and the individuals facilitating those interactions on behalf of your brand.

That’s why, in business, you’re only as good as the people you have around you. I don’t care if you’re someone just trying to hack together an app, launch a gym, or start up a hot dog stand. It’s impossible to manage it all on your own, and that causes you undue stress in the end, which is definitely not the goal here.

Like fitness, it’s very easy to get excited and make progress on a business the first week, the first month, or the first year. But, the stats on the businesses that never even make it past three years, let alone five or ten, can be stomach-wrenching.

Manage your life well and you’ll put your body and your business in a position to succeed. You just need to listen to what’s important and go through the proper motions to make it all happen.

And above all, be thankful for today.

For more on how I manage my business and my life, watch episode 1 of my new video series: The Weekly Gain

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