Goal-Setting & Reaching Your Full Business Potential

I love seeing people reach their full potential, but it isn’t something that happens overnight, and there are usually a lot of hardships and difficulties along the way.

As a small business owner, when you first start out, your plan is to just make it through to the next day. It’s hard to think one or five years ahead, much less ten or twenty. When you’re stuck putting out fires and dealing with the impact of today it’s hard to look ahead to tomorrow.

So, how do you get there? How do you reach your full potential?

It’s about goal-setting. It’s about prioritizing.

The first thing you need to do is sit down and clearly define exactly what you want for yourself and/or your business. Then, start down that path. Once you do that, it becomes less a matter of if you’ll get there and more a matter of when.

What happens, though, for a lot of people is life gets in the way. You start living or following the old path you had and you find it difficult to take yourself in a new direction.

You have to be really good at adaptation. You have to be the kind of leader who is always thinking ahead, and who is willing to take a head-on collision with a bus (metaphorically speaking, of course) and keep on going after it.

That’s the real deal. That’s how it works in business. Things are never going to go exactly according to plan. You have to be good at making changes on-the-fly and you have to make the investment in your business.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of a life hack. When you wake up tomorrow, choose what kind of day it’s going to be. Nobody can determine that but you. That’s progress.

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