Just Make Money!  The Entrepreneurs Handbook to Building the Life of Your Dreams

Written by the Founder of Fierce Brands, Eric Casaburi, will change the way you define entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. With decades of inspired insight and elbow grease under his belt, Casaburi sheds light on aspects of starting and owning a business they don’t teach in college. Read Just Make Money! and get pumped. Learn where to take your ideas, how to get and manage money, and who to hire as part of your team. Fierce as he is funny, Casaburi will fill you in on what you need to know about the gift of gab, the art of representing your company, and the science that is in the details.

Your financial future is in your hands—or if it isn’t, now more than ever, it should be. Why be at the mercy of the national and global economies? Why suffer that 9-to-5 gig your heart just isn’t attached to? Why not live your life based on your interests and passion?

Running your own show can be more than profitable, it can add years of joy and freedom to your life. This book is the no holds barred resource we all need, and it will help you not only get your business off the ground, but will guide you through all stages of success and into expansion.

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